“DOGS do SPEAK, but only to those who know HOW TO LISTEN

 Orhan Pamuk

We all need a little help now and again.  Sometimes it's just difficult to work out why things are going wrong or why we cant get to the bottom of a problem.  This can cause huge stress, anxiety and frustration for all concerned.

Animal behaviour is just as complex as our human behaviour - with the added complexity that our dogs cant talk to us! Taking a holistic approach is key to successfully helping you to find  the right solution for your personal situation.  It is not possible to offer safe and effective advice without considering every aspect of you and your dogs lives, so behaviour consults and subsequent training plans are in depth and take time!  However you do not have to do the journey on your own, we can walk you through every step that you need help with.

Which service do you need to book?

You will need a behaviour consult for problem behaviours such as fearfulnessbarking and lunging at other dogs or people,  destructive or anxious behaviours when left alone, guarding food or toys or any aggressive behaviours. If your problem is general training, such as pulling on the lead or recall please see our training page.  If you are still unsure which behaviour package would suit you, or you're not sure if you need a behaviour consult or training one to one send us a message with some brief details on the contact form and we can direct you to the most appropriate service.  If you would like to chat your worries through before booking, you can opt for a triage appointment initially.  After our discussions, if you decide to book, you will receive a partial refund of the cost of your triage appointment.


  • Barking or lunging on lead
  • Chasing cars / small furries
  • Aggression towards other dogs / humans / children
  • Problems when left alone
  • Guarding items such as toys or food
  • Fearful of people / dogs / items
  • Repetitive behaviours eg. chasing shadows
  • Distructive behaviours


  • Paying attention to you (at home & when out)
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Coming back when called
  • Settling
  • Jumping up 
  • General manners
  • Handling eg. towelling, grooming, nail trimming
  • Putting harnesses or collars on and off

The Behaviour Consultation

Booking:  When you book your Behaviour Package you will be asked to fill in a brief outline of the problems you are experiencing.  You will receive a confirmation email following your booking with a veterinary referral form attached.  For any behaviour consultation we will require a signed consent form from your vet.  It is important that we have a collaborative relationship with your vet as medical issues can play a huge part in behavioural problems, and behavioural problems can be the most obvious symptoms of medical problems!  I keep your vet is kept fully informed of our progress so your dog's records can be updated.  

Part 1:  History, First Aid and Management:  (Approx two to three hours).  The first part of your consultation is usually held online (zoom).  I prefer to use zoom for our initial conversation as it allows me to see how your dog is at home without the distraction of a visitor present and allows you to concentrate on our conversation without having to worry about managing your dog around visitors.  If you prefer to meet face to face you are welcome to come to our office in Llanellen, however, whether your dog attends the initial session will depend on the issues you are having.  If your dog is nervous in new a place, or of new people it may be better that they stay at home so we can talk without worrying about them.  Following this appointment you will receive an interim report which includes advice on any routine, management and initial training that will need to be put in place. 

Part 2:  Behaviour Modification Plan:  (Approx an hour to an hour and a half).  This session is usually a couple of weeks after our initial conversation.  It may be held here at our office, at your home*, or online, depending on the needs of your individual circumstances.  During this session we will cover your individualised training plan to help change your dog's emotions and behaviours.  Following this session you will receive a full report, which will also be forwarded to your vet with all the recommendations that we have discussed.  

Part 3: Training Sessions: If you would like help to put your training plan into practice additional sessions can be booked as and when you need.  These can be held here at our training ground, at your home*, or at a public location such as a park*.  Sessions last for up to 90 minutes and we will review your progress and work through your behaviour modification plan together.  You will be given links to book after your second session; the cost is £75 per session or £200 for a block of three sessions. 

Part 4:  Follow up:  About a month after we have put your training plan in place and completed all your training sessions, we will arrange a follow up zoom or telephone call to assess how you and your dog have progressed.  During this meeting we will discuss any tweek's that may be needed or you may choose to book additional sessions if you need ongoing support. 

* Please note:  Travel charges may be added for home visits or travelling from out from our training ground.

Behaviour Prices

Triage Assessment

£55 - online

Online zoom / telephone call, to discuss your individual situation and advise on the most appropriate service.  We may provide first aid advice to manage the problems you are experiencing while you wait for your behaviour consult or training appointment.

Behaviour Assessment & Training Plan


Initial 'discovery' zoom session (2-3 hours), 1 x one hour training session and a 'check in' meeting one month following your final training session.  Includes detailed behaviour report and 1 months of phone / email support following your final training session.  Sessions are held here at our training venue in Llanellen, online via Zoom at your home*, or out and about*, depending on your needs.

Behaviour Training Sessions

£75 per session or £200 for a block of three

For help to put into practice you individualised training plan.  These sessions last up to 90 minutes and can be booked as and when you need help or guidance to work through your plan.  We will review your progress and make any adjustments that might be needed as well as work on the practical training that you might need to put in place.  All sessions are followed up with comprehensive notes for you to refer back to as needed.    You will be given links to book these sessions once you have completed your behaviour consultation.