Puppy & General Training

"Those who TEACH the most about HUMANITY aren't always human"

Donald L. Hicks

Our books are currently closed

We are very sorry to say that we just don't have capacity to take on new clients at this time.  
Our books are currently closed for 121 training; they will reopen in the New Year.  
If you would like to be added to our wait list you can submit your details HERE.  
Group classes can still be booked on our booking page.  

Classes & Individual Coaching

Puppy Basics

Suitable for puppies under 20 weeks
or rescue dogs settling in to their new home.
Cost: £35
Venue: Abergavenny Guide Hall
When: Friday 7pm to 7.50pm

A short 3 week course to set you and your new addition off on the right path.  Puppy training is all about preventing problem behaviours from developing and this starts the moment you get your new bundle home!  We will cover socialisation, greeting people and other dogs, your puppies routines, including sleep, play and training and cover the basic training skills such as attention, the foundations for recall and how to help your puppy to learn to walk nicely on the lead.  

Puppy Class

Suitable for puppies under 26 weeks
Cost: £75

Venue: Abergavenny Guide Hall
When: Friday 6pm - 6.50pm
Venue: Llanarth Village Hall
When: Thursday 7pm - 7.50pm

Puppy training to help your puppy grow and develop into a happy and confident companion. We will help you to understand your puppy's needs, and how they communicate so you can both work together effectively. Your puppy will learn the rules of the human world, and to pay attention to ensure you both enjoy your journey together.

Puppy One to One (At Home)

Cost: £95
Suitable for puppies under 6 months old

Two hour one to one session in your own home.
If you are waiting for classes to start or your puppy is too young to come out, we can come to you! This session is great for setting you and your puppy up for success from the very beginning. We can advise on things like toilet training, leaving puppy home alone, appropriate play, routines, settling and sleep.  NB: This is available within a 15 mile distance from our postcode NP7 9HT, if you are outside of this area please contact us for a quote. Includes handouts.

Puppy One to One Training Package

Cost: £160
Suitable for puppies under 6 months old

Four 60 minute one to one sessions held here at our training paddock. For when classes don't fit with your schedule, or you want a more personalised service focusing on your families and puppy's individual needs and / or wants! One to one training can cover all the games and exercises in puppy class as well as providing help with any problems or worries you have about raising your puppy that may not be covered in details in a generic class. Book the first session online and the other three sessions will be booked in at your first visit.

Life Skills for Adolescents and Beyond

Suitable for any age
Cost: £75
Venue: Our Training Venue in Llanellen
When: Saturday 10.30am - 11:20am

Suitable for dogs 6 months or over, rescues or older dogs who haven't attended classes before.
Focusing on the skills to help you and your dog navigate the human world successfully.

Training Skills 

Suitable for dogs 6 months or over
Cost: £75
Venue: Our Training Venue in Llanellen
When:  Friday 3.30 - 4.20pm / Saturday 11.30 - 12.20pm
Suitable for dogs 6 months or over, rescues or older dogs who have attended our life skills class or have a good foundation of basic training.  This class will expand your training skills and include games such as recall around distractions, heelwork, distance stays as well as some fun tricks and other activities.

General Training One to One

Suitable for any age
Venue: Our Training Venue in Llanellen

Single One to One Training Session:
Cost: £45
(One hour)

Training Package (Four x One to One Training Sessions)
Cost: £160
(Four x 50 mins)

Bespoke one to one training to help you and your dog improve your training skills together.   We can help with things like loose lead walking, recall, good manners or any individual training niggles you may have. 

Paws and More!

Suitable for any age
Venue: Our Training Venue in Llanellen

Single Paws & More:
Cost: £40
(45 minutes)

Paws & More Package (Four Sessions)
Cost: £95
(45 mins initial session; 30 mins per training sessions)

For help with basic care needs, such as nail clipping, putting harnesses on and off, towel drying or grooming. These clinics are for building positive associations with our handling interactions for you and your dog. We will demonstrate the techniques of cooperative care where you can either train at home or you can book follow on sessions and we will train for you.  Follow on session cost 

Which service do you need to book?

You will need a behaviour consult for problem behaviours such as barking and lunging at other dogs or people, destructive or anxious behaviours when left alone, guarding food or toys or any aggressive behaviours.  If your problem is general training, such as pulling on the lead or recall please see our training page.  If you are still unsure if you need a behaviour consult or training one to one send us a message with some brief details on the contact form and we can direct you to the most appropriate service.  If you would like to chat your worries through before booking, you can opt for one of the triage appointments initially.  After our discussions, if you decide to book, you will receive a partial refund of the cost of your triage appointment.


  • Paying attention to you 
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Coming back when called
  • Settling
  • Jumping up 
  • General manners
  • Handling eg. towelling, grooming, nail trimming
  • Putting harnesses or collars on and off