Training & Behaviour

From puppy to rescue - adolescent to golden oldie, we offer a range of classes and one to one tuition, to help with any of your training or behaviour needs.   

Activity & Sports

Everything from Agility to Mantrailing, Scentwork to Brain Training, our activities are suitable for all sizes and shapes of dogs and handlers!  

Field Hire

Our three acre fenced paddock  gives dogs the opportunities to have a stress free off lead run!  Available for private hire for up to 4 dogs (max 2 vehicles). 

PUPPY and Dog TRAINING Classes in and around Monmouthshire

Whether you are looking for
Puppy Classes or Agility Classes - Mantrailing or Scentwork
- have and adolescent or golden oldie, we have something to offer for you and your dog to have fun! 


We can help with problem behaviours such as barking and lunging at other dogs or people,  destructive or anxious behaviours when left alone, guarding food or toys or any aggressive behaviours.