Let's Go Vet Physio

Kayleigh Gulliford VetPhys PGDip MIRVAP

Veterinary physiotherapy aims to improve, maintain  or restore functional movement for your pet.  A variety of therapeutic techniques can be used to reduce pain and inflammation to help your dog regain their fitness after injury.  Your veterinary physio will prescribe appropriate exercise regimes to help you keep your pet at the optimum fitness for their lifestyle. If you would like to be an appointment for Kayleigh to assess your dog please click the button below or email hello@letsgovetphysio.co.uk . Kayleigh will assess your dogs fitness and movement and provide you with a plan of action for treatment, maintenance or recommended veterinary guidance .  

NB:We work in collaboration with your vet - prior to any treatment being given we will require a signed consent form  and clinical history from them..