Puppy & General Training

"Those who TEACH the most about HUMANITY aren't always human"

Donald L. Hicks

Puppy Social

Cost: £55
Suitable for puppies up to 16 wks old at the start of class
Venue:Abergavenny Guide Hall 
When: Friday evenings

Maximum of 6 puppies.
Two trainers present in all classes to give you plenty of individual guidance.
1 hour Information / Q&A Zoom sessions
3 x 45-minute sessions.

A short course to start you and your puppy off in the right direction.  

  • 1 x 1 hour Information and Q&A Zoom session. 

  • 3 x 45-minute sessions.

Socialising your puppy from an early age in the right way will help your puppy develop into a confident dog and prevent problem behaviours developing in the future.  In this course we will guide you through the process ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your puppy.  

The practical classes will include:

  •  Introducing puppy to new things.

  • Teaching puppy to settle on a mat.

  • Practical games to play with your puppy at home

  • How to prepare your puppy for stress free trips to the vets/groomers etc. 

  • Calling your puppy away from distractions.

Depending on the puppies in class they may be able to have some off lead play time. A take away guide to socialising your puppy and plan to follow at home.  

Puppy Graduates

Cost: £95
Suitable for puppies between 14 and 20 weeks old 
Venue:Abergavenny Guide Hall 
When: Friday evenings

Maximum of 6 puppies.
Two trainers in most classes to give you plenty of individual guidance.
6 x 45-minute sessions.

1 x 1 hour Information / Q&A Zoom session

This course will give you all you need to help your puppy navigate the human world successfully.  We will help you train your puppy using positive and force free methods to ensure your puppy grows into a well-balanced, happy and confident member of your family.  Throughout the 6 weeks of practical training, we will build your puppy’s ability in key life skills such as settling, loose lead walking, wait training, recall, and handling.

The practical classes include:

  • Six practical sessions on Friday evenings at The Guide Hall Abergavenny.
  • Written handouts each week covering the class exercises.
  • End of course achievement Rosette and Certificate presentation.
  • Private Zoom class at the end of the practical sessions for Q&A and information on surviving adolescence!

Lets Play Introduction

Suitable for dogs over 6 months of age
Cost: £55 (4 week course)
Venue: Zoom + Our Training Venue in Llanellen
When: Saturdays

For dogs over 6 months, rescues, or older dogs who haven't attended classes before.  
1 x 1 hr info / Q&A Zoom
3 x 45 min sessions - outdoor training paddock in Llanellen on Saturday 20th April, 27th April, & 4th May at 10:30am.
Max 5 dogs.  
Zoom session at the start of the class allows us to get to know you and little about your dog and your aspirations and expectations for the classes.  You will also have chance to put any questions to our trainer which you might have about your dog's training.  The practical sessions will focus on training fundamental skills for loose lead walking and recall.  
After this class you will be able to join our follow on classes in general training, agility or hoopers to progress your training journey together.

Lets Play Training Skills

Suitable for dogs 6 months or over who have completed our Puppy Graduate or the Training Basics class
Cost: £90 
Venue: Our Training Venue in Llanellen
When:  Saturdays
Class of no more than 6 dogs.
Follow on class for those who want to continue their training.  Our puppy class or training basics is a pre-requisit for joining this class as we will be expanding on the basic training already put in place.  
The six practical classes are held outdoors at our training paddocks in Llanellen.  The classes will use play based games to develop and maintain engagement, focus and attention.   to improve recall, loose lead walking and generally improve you and your dogs relationship and connection.  This is a fabulous course for anyone who is thinking of starting out in any dog sports and for those who just want that amazing recall when off lead in the park!  

General Training One to One

Suitable for any age
Venue: Our Training Venue in Llanellen

Single One to One Training Session:
Cost: £50
(50 mins)

Training Package (Four x One to One Training Sessions)
Cost: £175
(Four x 50 mins)

Bespoke one to one training to help you and your dog improve your training skills together.   We can help with things like loose lead walking, recall, good manners or any individual training niggles you may have. Suitable for any age, including puppies. 

Puppy/Rescue At Home

Cost: £135
Suitable for puppies under 6 months old
Venue:  your home
When:  as required

90 minute home visit to help settle your new family member in and 60 minute follow up home visit to review and start your training journey.  Includes handouts relevant to you and your puppy/new rescue.

We can cover all the questions you may have about helping your rescue or puppy successfully navigate the human household rules. This can include toilet training, routines, being alone, sleep, toys/play, training, feeding, exercise, car travel and anything else you want to cover!

Please note travel may need to be added.

Which service do you need to book?

You will need a behaviour consult for problem behaviours such as barking and lunging at other dogs or people, destructive or anxious behaviours when left alone, guarding food or toys or any aggressive behaviours.  If your problem is general training, such as pulling on the lead or recall please see our training page.  If you are still unsure if you need a behaviour consult or training one to one send us a message with some brief details on the contact form and we can direct you to the most appropriate service.  If you would like to chat your worries through before booking, you can opt for one of the triage appointments initially.  After our discussions, if you decide to book, you will receive a partial refund of the cost of your triage appointment.


  • Paying attention to you 
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Coming back when called
  • Settling
  • Jumping up 
  • General manners
  • Handling eg. towelling, grooming, nail trimming
  • Putting harnesses or collars on and off